An HFTE Review: The Americans (Spoiler Free!)

Pictured: The Americans?

You know what I enjoy? Good TV shows.

You know what I don’t enjoy? Being the guy who hasn’t seen an immensely popular show, having to constantly listen to JoeBob from Marketing tell me how great it is, and then needing to play catch up on the first few seasons while going out of my way to avoid social media or any spoilers while the current episodes of the series air. (see: Homeland)

That’s why I’ve already decided that I’m all in on a series that debuted last night on FX, The Americans. I’m not going to be late to the party on this one. 

It’s no secret that FX is capable of producing some damn good original series, and The Americans looks like it’s next in line to continue that tradition. Seriously, just look at this commercial for it!

Yup. I’m in, even though I haven’t actually seen any more of it than that just yet.

You see, it’s only 7 PM right now and the show doesn’t actually air for another couple of hours, but I really don’t feel like staying up late to write a real review for it. Here at HFTE, we don’t let little things like actually watching a show stand in the way of reviewing it. That’s why I’ve decided to write up a review of the series premiere for you, and let you decide for yourself whether or not it’s right for you.

It doesn’t take long before we are introduced to a seemingly normal suburban family during the Cold War, but we quickly discover that things aren’t exactly as they seem. You see, some members of the family (I won’t spoil who they are for you) have a link to the Soviet Union. Is everyone in the house devoted entirely to the cause? It’s too soon to tell, but the tension is undeniable.

While most Americans these day believe that the Cold War was fought between politicians and ended in 1814 with the signing of the Declaration of Independence in Ghent, The Americans tells us the real story of how things went down. It turns out that the war was very real, and unbeknownst to us, was fought on American soil between secret agents and Soviet loyalists. The members of these loyalist groups are made up of cells, just like you and me. However, to advance the Soviet cause, some sacrifices must be made. Is everybody involved willing to make those sacrifices, even if that involves putting their own families at risk? Of course not. (Or are they?) Tough choices must be made.

Some viewers may be critical of the pace of this show, but I think that this was a conscious decision made by the writers, and I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt. Only time will tell whether it ends up being the right call.

This concludes the HFTE Review of The Americans. After much consideration, I hereby give it the HFTE endorsement as a show that you might want to check out. Enjoy.

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  1. Sgt. Hammerclaw says:

    UPDATE: After actually watching it, I stand by my endorsement.

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