Breaking Bad Beats

The events of last Saturday have crushed my soul. I haven’t watched a single highlight or read a single article pertaining to that Broncos abortion.

Football sucks.

Playoff record 4-4.

Broncos Ravens at Patriots (Current Line : Patriots -7.5)

Honestly, how the fuck can you let a team score a 70 yard touchdown?

37 seconds left.

No timeouts.

Down by 7.

Ravens +7.5

49ers at Falcons (Current Line : 49ers -4.5)

Decker was absolutely mauled on that pick-6 in the first quarter.

Prater hit the ground with his foot 10 inches behind the ball. That’s something I do with my pitching wedge.

I would’ve rather had Clinton Portis on the team than Champ Bailey.

Falcons +4.5


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  1. PostApocalypticRecSpecs says:

    Fuck yea, motherfuckers. ATL + 4.5!

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