Crap From My Desk

While cleaning out my desk I came across a 20 year-old police report involving my cousin and his arrest for drunken disorderly. One thing to keep in mind while reading is that, he didn’t kinda look like Steve Buscemi in Airheads (pictured above), he looked exactly like Steve Buscemi in Airheads. 

I am presenting it in all of its type-written glory. Enjoy.





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5 Responses to Crap From My Desk

  1. DougExeter says:

    I’m not sure which is funnier – that Chief Smokey Waters might in fact be a real person, or that he might not.

  2. OldBeigeGuy says:

    Of all the crazy things in that report, the one that made me think this came from the Trailer Park Boys prop shop is, “A mug shot was not taken because there was one available from a recent arrest.”

    • PostApocalypticRecSpecs says:

      Between that line and “he was then handcuffed with his hands in back” I lose it every time.

  3. Guy Who Refuses to Give Up His God-Given Right to Empty Streets says:

    Oh, so you’re on their side?

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