31 Responses to Deadspin Down All Night: Come Back Home

  1. Walk Off HBP says:

    I really like the efforts of this blog. I just wanted to say that. Granted nobody reads anything with my name attacahed. But, you guys! Good job!

  2. Anonymous says:

    OMG we are GR8. MOar like +11 amiright. ?!?1!1 LAWYER

    • DubaiAtNight says:

      Yes, yes we are. Thank you for noticing Guy Who Follows Deadspin People from Site to Site Obsessively while Somehow Claiming to be Above it All.

  3. Raysism says:

    Why do I get the feeling that someone affiliated with HFTE is sitting in Gawker offices, holding the unplugged power cord?

  4. DJ Jazzy Jeff Weaver says:

    What’s everyone drinking tonight? Me, I’m working on my third tumbler of metamucil.

    • Fendi Hotdogbun says:

      Long day of work, so I’m relaxing with about three fingers of chamomile.

    • Mantis Toboggan, MD says:

      Ya know, doing the dishes usually relaxes me just fine, but still not totally unwound tonight, so I’m wringing the sponge directly into my open mouth. Really takes the edge off.

    • BronzeHammer says:

      hey guys i just ate an apple. granny smith. haha gonna regret it tomorrow!

    • Sweating Mullets says:

      I’m drinking Tide because I need to cleanse my colon.

    • DJ Jazzy Jeff Weaver says:

      Great job everyone. These are all really neat and good things to be drinking

    • Same Sad Echo says:


      Just kidding. I’m not drinking pee. I’m drinking the all-new Diet Pepsi Urine®.

      • BronzeHammer says:

        Jesus Christ, who they got running shit over there at Pepsi? Dummies? Idiots? Savvy travelers with bad comb overs and child hands?


      • DubaiAtNight says:

        Come on now, that was a limited edition flavor only sold in Houston in the mid-90s and Chicago in the late-90s. If you still have a few cases stored up, you should hold on to them – they might be a collector’s item soon.

  5. Mantis Toboggan, MD says:


    • Mantis Toboggan, MD says:

      how do you make a video appear on this gotdamn fucking site

      sweet how i always knew how to make videos appear in the comments

      • Sweating Mullets says:

        I thought you were the one who taught me?

        HFTE Tip: On Youtube click “share” then click “embed” and it will provide you with the embed code to copy and paste here.

      • RIZ says:

        I always wondered how to do that. Thank you Mr. Mullets!

    • BronzeHammer says:

      this is my shit right here, mantis. damn.

  6. Sweating Mullets says:

    Beastie Boys DDAN!

    You know, to help make you all feel at home.

  7. Rec Specs says:

    Just watched last Sunday’s Walking Dead. Holy shit, am I glad I stuck with that show after a shitty second season.

    • Same Sad Echo says:

      I felt like an idiot when set the dvr schedule; I honestly hated myself for watching last season. Thankfully, this season has been pretty damn good.

      Full disclosure: I am the lower 48’s top supplier of zombie heads in fish tanks.

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