28 Responses to Deadspin Down All Night: We Come Running

  1. mister misser says:

    I miss Analysis Rube.

  2. Stubby Ginger Midgets says:

    So I just got back from Trick Or Treating as myself tonight. Turns out middle aged parents don’t like Stubby Ginger Midgets that are 30. Go Figure.

  3. BronzeHammer says:

    Who’s watchin’ hoops? I’m watching Dubai’s horrible Rockets let the Pistons hang around. Harden looks great.

    Oh, now ESPN has taken me to Sixers-Nuggets. Spencer Hawes is putting in one of his 10 good performances of the year already. Really like these two teams.

    • Rec Specs says:

      How could ESPN take you away from the powerhouse that is the Detroit Pistons?

      I know they’re not going anywhere again this year, but I’m extremely optimistic for the future. They blew the fucker up, didn’t try any quick fixes, drafted well and keep on improving. I can’t ask for anything more than that. I’ve already seen three championships in my lifetime, and one quarter of basketball away from a fourth. I can’t complain.

      • BronzeHammer says:

        They’ll have a lot of flexibility two years from now, and maybe Maggette (making $11M!!!) gets traded this year as an expiring contract, but the team right now is just so awful, and they have a higher payroll than the Celtics. They’re $3M away from the luxury tax, and Greg Monroe is the only player on the team you could even think about as top-15 at his position. And I don’t understand the Prince resigning. But, that’s part of basketball. You have to bottom out eventually. It’s just about what they do with the space when they get it.

      • Rec Specs says:

        I was under the impression that the Pistons would be completely free from salary cap hell next year. Is this not correct? Did I fall for the banana in the tailpipe?

      • BronzeHammer says:

        No, that’s right. They have $25M coming off the books next year, which puts them below the salary floor. But they have to extend Monroe, and half the salary they shed belongs to Maxiell and Stuckey, two starters who will have to be replaced. Like I said, it depends on what they do with it, but I’d be anxious if I were a fan.

    • Scott Raab's Going Concern says:

      I’m just so excited for this NBA season, I just watched Phila/Denver, flipped over to the ending of Indy/Toronto. What are your thoughts on Indy this year?

      • BronzeHammer says:

        No reason they can’t be the 3 seed again, in my opinion. They’ll probably be really good, relying on George (who I love) and Hibbert, and then Granger will come back and screw up the chemistry and they’ll lose in the first round.

      • AMagicianNamedGod says:

        Small sample size, but Paul George looks like he improved exponentially. If Hill can move to a more hybrid 2 spot and Augustin can make the rotation as a true drive and dish PG the Pacers become more flexible than almost any team that doesn’t have LeBro.

    • BronzeHammer says:


      I honestly don’t remember. Did DS’s comments look like this or were the most recent comments at the bottom? It was so long ago…..

      • Sweating Mullets says:

        Before the big redesign, you could set your preference in the settings, but I think the default was most recent at the bottom when I had started commenting there.

  4. BronzeHammer says:

    Alright fellas, it’s time for that classic DUAN question: what kind of gum are ya chewin’?

    Me? I’m settled in with a stick from 5 Gum called “RPM”: An Energizing Fruit Flavor. Did you know this shit was sugar-free? I didn’t, when I bought it. Doesn’t taste like it either. Tip of the foil to Wrigley for this fine product. What about you gentlemen?

  5. Death Panda 2 says:

    I’m just going to pretend this is Deadspin so I feel don’t feel like such a needy,cock-gobbling slut for you crazy DUANers’ attention. Ok, here goes my comment:

    More like BACKFROMTHEDEADSPIN, amirite?!

    [receives +1 from a burner named Eddie Murray Suckles]

  6. Mangini In A Bottle says:

    West of Balog

    You are standing in an open field west of a white housebalog, with a boarded front door.

    There are two small mailboxes links here. Also, a lot of horse meat. Why is there so much horse meat here?

  7. Talibs Rap Sheet says:

    [Stumbles in]

    [Looks around]

    Seriously, what’s with the horse meat jokes? I mean, it’s pretty delicious and all that, but I’m not sure I’d base an entire web site around horse meat discussions. Just my two cents.

    [Is ground into horse meat]

  8. Heading for the exits? BUT I JUST GOT IN THE DOOR!

    [throws mic at wall, heads for exits]

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