Friends of the Blog: Mangini in a Bottle

[Ed. Note: A number of days ago, a suspicious package arrived at the HFTE offices. After a thorough investigation by the proper authorities, it turns out that the residue on the side of the package was not a harmful  substance, but rather an abundance of a dried-up cleaning solution. As it turns out, Friend of the Blog and noted window watcher, Mangini in a Bottle, had sent the package along, with a message that was partially destroyed by the cleaning solution. Our team of experts were able to restore the message to its original condition, which is presented to you in its original condition below.]

From The Extreme Outside Looking In: A Day In The Life Of Someone On The Furthest Non-Residue Build-Up Fringe Of the HFTE Pledge Circles of Concentricity By Seniority And/Or Ability To Bring The Funny (Pledge Level Alpha: Endust Limon)


[sees that new “Pledges” have been added]

[thinks of the most obvious dust cleaner knock-off joke]

[sees that someone already made the “Old English/Olde English” pun]


[masturbates again]

[coffee break]


[coffee-induced shits maybe although it is that time of the morning so]




[cranks screamo album from circa 2004]

[masturbates again]

[ooooooh, OATMEAL]

[shadowfencing workout; loses on technicality]

[posts 30 renditions of absolutely true stories of extreme wealth creation via unemployed laptop owners on the Gawker network]

[political joke?]

[some sort of RT feedback loop]

[adds the final camel back-breaking straw to several memes]

[Google Image Search: generic dust cleaner]

[clicks submit]

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  1. CarlCarlerson says:

    Wait so Mangini In A Bottle is changing his name to Endust Limon In A Bottle? What second-tier South American soccer league do they play in?

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