Hey Girlin’ With Telly2Putts (Holiday Edition)

There are so many semi-famous hot women in the world, it’s hard to keep track of them all. Every week so often, Telly2Putts will bring to our attention some of the hottest (and perhaps some of the most talentless) broads this world has to offer.

This week on Hey Girlin’, we take a look at  America’s Sweetheart, Lauren Conrad.
This girl has come along way from the heartbroken teen on Laguna Beach. America’s love affair only grew after her follow-up hit on MTV, The Hills. Poor girl went through bad boy after bad boy and cried her way into our hearts and stacks on stacks. Now she has her own fashion line and is also a bestselling author! This girl can do no wrong and we feel honored to salute her on this 4th of July week.

Telly’s Stalker Scale Rating: 9.5 restraining orders

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