HFTE Exclusive: PFTCommenter Unleashed

pftcommenterHFTE’s very own Sweating Mullets is the first to be able to score a one-on-one sit down with one of the hottest and most controversial straight shooters in the world of sports commenting, PFTCommenter. Follow him on Twitter @PFTCommenter And read his blog.

For the people who aren’t familiar with you, please explain who you are and what you are all about.

First of all you need to let your listeners know that if they get uncomfortable when someone gives them hard facts they need to leave right now. I use to comment exclusively at ProFootballTalk.com and racked up my share of thumbs’ up (burned a few bridges with some other longtime commenters). But I guess u could say im a football junkie of the game whose concerned with the direction our League is going.

Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck all had amazing rookie seasons. Which of those three would you take if you were starting a football team tomorrow?

Russell Wilson is a aberration that’s a fact. Pass.

Mack brown recruited RgME as a saftey and I think hed be your Laron Landy type of cover guy who relies on instincts. People gush all over Griffin’s Redskin face (TONS of acne) because he didn’t throw many picks,,guess what I didn’t throw many picks either geniuses. It’s a classic false stat.

I’ve made this point before but RgMe also throws a notoriously uncatchable ball= look at the tape his receivers drop all his throws and suprise suprise it has the same effect on DBs=very few INTs

Andy Luck is the next generation of QB in the NFL. He clocked out well at the combine with a mid 4second 40 time,, but hes got pad-level speed like you woudnt believe.

He struggled at the start of the League Year when he was being coached by Pagano,,not to be insensitive but Pagano was probably symptomatic and hard to understand. Luck found his stride later under the wing of Bruce Arians who just so happens to have Ben Roethlisberger as a pedigree (2 rings). He throws a lot of ints because hes got a tight spiral and you and I both know there was several passes where a DB stuck his hand up wildly to defense it and the ball just stuck there. Such a catchable ball.

I take Luck every time out of 10. And twice on NFL Sundays folks.

You have been a staunch supporter of Roger Goodell, what do you think his lasting legacy will be?

Funny how everyone forgot about Bountygate and replacement refs when the rating’s came out right? BTW turns out players still get injured when theres the “real” refs- that was a classic strawman argument from NFLPA that everyone saw through anyways.

Funny how my twitter timeline has gradually turned into a round of applause for Play60- his universally lauded outreach campaign.

Funny how former friends walk up 2 me and personally apologize for thinking Goodell was ruining the league with hefty uniform fines once I educate them that wearing your socks high means you have drugs in the inner-city.

You recently started a new blog. Will you still be pursuing your dream of writing for Bleacher Report?

I would of loved to have the behind the scenes pass that a bleacher report credentials would give me on Superbowl media day- I had some good questions that many in league circles would of liked to be asked. But i didn’t make the cut. They told me I can go back to Bleacher Report tryouts after 3 weeks of working on my takes. I guess its most sportswriters dreams to right there so ive got stiff competition for sure.

They offer a cutting-edge platform, a ready-made audience, a tightly knit community, a selfdefined agenda, and a skyhigh horizon, BTW.

But you have to work for it im kind of like a undrafted free agent in that way.

Is Joey Flacco elite?

Maybe. I thought he was after he won but I dvrd mike and mike this morning and they said hed never been elected to a Probowl so that kind of changed my mind. All the elite guys out there have a couple rings, so I look forward to debating this next year.

Which quarterbacks will never make your elite list?

Well we can throw Rappernick, RgME, and Wilson out because in the eyes of officials there RBs unless there in the act of throwing.

Speaking of Colin Kaepernick, what does he need to do to take his team to the next level, is this guy on the doorstep of being elite?

Put on number 30 and learn to take a classic well-placed handoff from Alex Smith.

Okay, which quarterbacks make up the top level of your elite list?

If your asking me whose on my mount-rushmore of elite qbs it’s a short list its no secret im a results type guy.

Ben Roethlisberger- steel town qb you get a lot of pressure there so I don’t blame some of the off-field incidents which were pretty clearly just a good kid letting off some steam. Hes got 2 rings with a pile of steak fries around him for talent.

I put Tom Brady on there too even though its not a strong take but u kind of have to let Brady have his way and im sure wed both hear from him if I left him off.

What number should a wide receiver choose if he really wants to prove that he belongs among the top level receivers in the league?

88 or 89 are the true classics. Tells me a player is humble and is a grindstone type player.

11-19 is a red flag that you see on your “contract player” type guys and something you’d even kind of cringe to see on your punt returner, Tells me this is the type of guy that wear headphones in warmups and they almost enjoy clobbering journalists on the sidelines and not even helping the guy up. Im raising awareness to make that a penalty BTW.

How impressed are you with Adrian Peterson’s amazing MVP season?

Adrian P.E.D.erson. the guy has the nerve to throw his OLine under the bus for leaving him 9 yards short of rushing record (i’m told). honestly its better that hes a blatant steroid user then to be like RgMe who is injecting stem cells (embryos) into his knee to steal there natural growth. Source: http://www.hogshaven.com/2013/1/23/3899538/rg3-injury-robert-griffin-iii-redskins-dr-james-andrews

Whom in the sports media do you have the highest respect for?

Pete Prisco from CBS is great. His takes are so strong he doesn’t have any friends because of it. He and I butt heads a lot,, but with a sly nod of respect for the others’ craft.

Hypothetical: Chris Berman approaches you for nickname ideas for some current players. What are some of your favorite nicknames that you have come up?

I hope he asks me for nicknames for RBs who are holding there teams ransom for second contracts:

You’ve got Michael “the earner” Turner, Ray “pRice”, CJ2-ypc, Maurice Loans Drew.

Theres also pRay Lewis, College Kapernick, “Anquan” Boldin (actually his real name) I carry a list in case I meet someone in the biz, theyre usually very thankful that I share my ideas.

Do you believe DeMaurice Smith is ruining the game?

I think hes trying to but he cant even do that properly. (lack of attention to detail and execution.)

De Smith has made himself seem invincible because we all think “wow, pretty bright for a former player” but he never actually played,,<——something he’s not exactly shouting from a rooftop.

Where do you see Tim Tebow ending up, and what will he bring to his next team?

Hes what I call a first in last out type guy. Its no wonder coaches love this guy= he shows up every morning with his ears full-pinned back ready to out-detail the competition. Hes working out now as I answer this and he’ll be on the old elliptical (reps) when your reading it.

Can we expect some strong takes from you this offseason in regards to trades, free agency and the draft?

I think you hear us talk about there being no offseason,,thats my attitude towards takes.

Thanks for stopping by HFTE, PFTCommenter. You really brought your “A” game.

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    When are you going to score an exclusive interview with superpooperfart? She fascinates me.

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    You’re awful and I hate you.

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      I sure as shit hope you aren’t referring to PFTCommenter, because he is anything but awful. Me on the other hand, I suck.

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