Messi’s 91

Lionel Messi finished the 2012 calendar year with a world-record 91 goals in all competitions. He’s pretty good. Here they are:


UPDATE: Thanks to Reddit’s r/dataisbeautiful community for naming this the runner-up static visualization of the year!

Someone with even more time on their hands than me mashed up all 91 goals in one video. It’s like the RedZone of soccer.


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14 Responses to Messi’s 91

  1. NS says:

    For as nice as that is, it’s far to similar to a project by UK designer Adrian Newell that has been going for a number of years, and his work is available here:

    • PolkPanther says:

      Wow. Not going to deny they look similar, but I’ve never seen Adrian’s work before. His stuff is pretty great!

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  3. does anyone know where i can find messi and kaka pictures, in 1 picture together?
    especially the pictures from the international friendly match between argentina and brazil, 3 september 2006.
    they had a run together, when kaka scored. i want that picture. does anyone have it? thank you!

  4. Meireles says:

    How about Ronaldo, can you make one?

  5. Keep up the excellent work.

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  7. DJ Jazzy Jeff Weaver says:

    Nicely done, Polky. +1

  8. cobra says:

    Again, brilliant.

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