MLB Ballpark Altitudes

HFTE was recently good enough to purchase some cutting-edge mapping software for my Packard-Bell 486SX here in the office. This only took 73 hours to render! What a world we live in.

Click to embiggen:



(Dataset from the awesome guys at Thanks to CaptainLou for the idea.)

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4 Responses to MLB Ballpark Altitudes

  1. cobra says:

    Great work, Polky.

    Brought me back to a simpler time, when I would play Sim games and masturbate to a Sears catalog’s lingerie section. Now it’s all “Let’s buy a house” “Buy me a ring” “Rub my feet” “Do I look fat in this?” AMIRITE YOU GUYS?

  2. BBAM says:

    This doesn’t make sense. Didn’t the Marlins say that they were underwater?

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