New Year’s Resolutions: Sweating Mullets

On January 1st of every new year, millions of people make resolutions that they will ultimately break on January 2nd. We at HFTE are no different. Over the next few days, we will each make our 2013 resolutions public.

Up now: Sweaty

I will try to make this short and sweet as I know many of you could give a shit less about other people’s New Year’s resolutions.

I, Sweating Mullets, resolve to stop spreading lies and rumors about people with absolutely gpc
no hard information to go off of. I also resolve to write less posts about Mormons and more posts about quarterbacks. Part of my resolution includes following up on the status of my ESPN application. Oh, and another resolution is to stop commenting on Deadspin entirely, unless the comment system gets fixed.

Finally, I resolve to stop shamelessly self-promoting so much.

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