Ronaldo’s 63

After my Messi 91 visualization went viral around the globe, I was inundated with requests to do one for Ronaldo, since people like him and/or Real Madrid for some reason. So here are Ronaldo’s 63 goals from the 2012 calendar year. Compare it to Messi’s 91.

The breakdown is 39 goals from open play, 9 headers, 5 set piece, and 10 penalty kicks.



Thanks to commenter Meireles for finding video of all 63 goals to use as a data set (the links are in the comments of the Messi article if you want to watch).

UPDATE: Here’s an overlay of Messi vs. Ronaldo.



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7 Responses to Ronaldo’s 63

  1. Sebastian Vallejo says:

    Could you help me to find the dataset?

  2. Meireles says:


    How do you make this?any special program?

    Now a challenge: + 😀


  3. Big Sloppy says:

    Wonderful, as usual. If you have a spare 20 seconds, you should diagram all of Tim Tebow’s plays from 2012.

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