Sea Bass, Kickin’ Ass

I admit, I’m a Sebastian Janikowski fan. I’m a fan of kickers in general, especially crazy-as-fuck kickers who have enabling coaches who throw them on the field in impossible situations (and as my post yesterday proved, the Raiders have had a LOT of enabling coaches since Sea Bass showed up). This is a guy who has more field goal yardage this year than the Raiders top two running backs have rushing yards, COMBINED.

So let’s visualize all 402 of his career field goal attempts, shall we?




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7 Responses to Sea Bass, Kickin’ Ass

  1. cobra says:

    Hey, Double PP, these are amazing. Feels like I\’m reading a Sports Illustrated with all the brilliant images, but without the stupid fucking words.

    • cobra says:

      Hey, quarduple PPPPPP, I’ve been hitting the E Nog pretty hard today. Merry Merry, why you bugging? (That’s my way of wishing e’erybody a Merry Christmas at HFTE.)

  2. Telly2Putts says:

    He also lost his Mind V-card to Shanahan. Shanny was the first to call a timeout right before the game winning field goal that never was. I happened to be at the game and enjoyed the shit out of it. Now when a coach does it I want to pelt him with a D-cell battery. Thanks Seabass!

  3. BronzeHammer says:

    PolkPanther, these things are goddamned awesome, and I am not exaggerating when I say I literally have no clue how you do them. Truly amazing to me and my dumb ass.

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