Sweaty’s 2012 Final QB Power Rankings

alexsmith1Below are Sweaty’s completely unbiased year-end quarterback power rankings. The opinions expressed in this post are solely my own and do not represent the views of HFTE and its staff.

1-      Alex Smith Best QB of 2012.

2-      Jay Cutler Second best, his team was awful without him.

3-      Robert Griffin III Best rookie QB ever?

4-      Peyton Manning Best old man QB.

5-      Russell Wilson Second best rookie QB ever?

6-      Eli Manning Best Elite QB.

7-      Matt Schuab Best fantasy QB for me this year.

8-      Aaron Rodgers Best QB in Wisconsin.

9-      Tom Brady Best QB ever to wear UGGs?

10-   Joe Flacco Good QB.

11-   Andrew Luck Good for a rookie.

12-   Matt Ryan Good for a good team.

13-   Josh Freeman Pretty good.

14-   Drew Brees Good not best year.

15-   Andy Dalton Good ginger QB.

16-   Matthew Stafford Good for Detroit, who isn’t used to having good QBs.

17-   Brandon Weeden Good for an old rookie.

18-   Jake Locker Kinda good I guess.

19-   John Skelton How Ken Whisenhunt treated this guy is a travesty.

20-   Chad Henne Good fill in for the injured QB.

21-   Philip Rivers This guy sucks.

22-   Ryan Fitzpatrick This guy sucks.

23-   Ben Roethlisberger I hate this guy.

24-   Ryan Tannehill Could be better.

25-   Cam Newton Could be better.

26-   Sam Bradford Could be better.

27-   Carson Palmer USC sucks.

28-   Mark Sanchez USC sucks.

29-   Matt Cassel USC sucks.

30-   Michael Vick Could be better.

31-   Nick Foles Reached his peak.

32-   Blaine Gabbert This guy sucks.

33-   Christian Ponder This guy sucks.

34-   Ryan Lindley This guy blows.

35-   Brady Quinn Now he’s done.

36-   Tony Romo Second worst QB to ever start in the NFL.

37-   Colin Kaepernick Worst QB to ever start in the NFL.


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2 Responses to Sweaty’s 2012 Final QB Power Rankings

  1. PolkPanther says:

    I assume Tebow did not meet the minimum qualifications of “is a quarterback” to rate on your list.

    • Sweating Mullets says:

      Correct. Others would include: Jason Campbell, Charlie Batch, Greg McElroy and Joe Webb.

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