Thanksgiving Games: The Wishbone

Stuck working the day before Thanksgiving? That’s okay, we have a fun Thanksgiving game for you to play as you count down the hours before going home to get drunk while you help prepare (or pretend to help) for tomorrow’s feast.

It’s easy! Just match each NFLer with the wish that he will make before he tries to claim the larger piece of the wishbone.

Down. Set. GO!



1- Jay Cutler

2- Andy Reid

3- Tim Tebow

4- Alex Smith

5- Mike Vick

6- RG3

7- Chris Kluwe

8- Norv Turner

9- Antonio Cromartie

10- Byron Leftwich

11- Blaine Gabbert

12- Dez Bryant

13- Tom Brady

14- Eli Manning

15- Pete Carroll



A- Job security and/or backup to die

B- Nothing, I have the best life ever

C- Same wish that’s been made every year

D- To get a hold of Santa’s Christmas list

E- Threesome with wife and Audrina Patridge

F- Gee, sure can’t wait to tour ESPN again

G- Free Chad Henne

H- More gravy please

I- Kirk Cameron to be a big star again

J- Equal rights and a post-NFL blogging career

K- Please make this mom’s last drink tonight

L- Wish those good refs would come back

M- Timeout. I need more time to think of a wish

N- Coach who cares about my well-being

O- Less brotherly love


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2 Responses to Thanksgiving Games: The Wishbone

  1. Sweating Mullets says:

    A- Job security and/or backup to die

    Hint: He now needs the backup to die.

  2. Rec Specs says:

    If I would’ve spent three more minutes on this stupid fucking thing, my employees wouldn’t have received checks this week.

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