The MLB Lone-Star Game

Two nights ago, internet hero, Ken Tremendous, presented a challenge to his followers by asking them to develop a roster of the worst MLB all-stars of all time. Included in his tweets was a reminder that every team must send a representative to the game every year.

This gave me an idea: “The MLB Lone-Star Game”

The concept was simple. Every year, a bunch of teams have only one representative that are selected to participate in the MLB All-Star Game. Some of these guys deserve to be there, but many others do not. My plan was to go back, identify every “lone-star,” (the only member of any given team that was selected as an all-star) and then using a few select stats, (WAR, ERA+ and WHIP) try to come up with the worst lone-star rosters possible.

I only looked at all-stars from 1977 and beyond, because that was the year of the Blue Jays’ and Mariners’ introduction into MLB, and if I’d stretched it out too far before that, this project would’ve taken entirely too long to complete.

Thanks to, several cups of coffee and a few 5 Hour Energies on top of that, I was able to compile the complete Lone-Star lists for each team since 1977 in just under two days.

I attempted to put together the worst possible AL and NL teams using WAR for the corresponding season for batters, a combination of WAR, ERA+ and WHIP for starting pitchers and ERA+ and WHIP for relief pitchers and closers. Feel free to criticize me all you want for the stats I chose to use for this, but the reality is that this dumb project took entirely too long as it is, and there’s nothing stopping any of you from digging deeper into these stats yourselves.

That said, I proudly present to you the MLB Lone-Star Teams:


AL Lone-Star Team

I’m so sorry, Cal. As for an Astros pitcher making the list, I stuck with the leagues that the teams are in right now, rather than adjust based on which leagues the teams were in at the time. It’s totally illogical. I know. Sorry.


NL Lone-Star Team

I hate myself for putting Griffey Jr. on this team. I really do.

I highly recommend combing through the data yourself. It is actually quite entertaining to see some of the lone-stars on the list. There were a lot of deserving players that just missed out on making the Lone-Star Teams.

Here you go, everybody. Knock yourselves out: 

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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