Tim Tebow: Third String Quarterback. Former Child Actor?


There is currently a tale floating around (in real life -it can’t be found anywhere on the internet right now) about Tim Tebow’s career as a child actor. We will look through the evidence presented and discuss the possibility of this myth, because we here at HFTE are regular MythBusters.

MarilynManson-MrBelvedreLet’s begin with other similar myths. Have you heard the one about Marilyn Manson being the eldest son from Mr. Belvedere? Someone somewhere did some major legwork to debunk this myth, I’m not sure how, but they did. I really feel bad for the guy from Mr. Belvedere, his career is long dead, and the only thing keeping him in the public conscious is the rumor that he is actually some shitty rock star, who had a few ribs removed so that he can suck his own dick. (We will have to tackle this urban legend some other time.)

How about the one about Billy Corgan being the boy from Small Wonder? This one had BillyCorgan-SmallWonderserious legs because look at them. Apparently this one has been debunked as well, but how do we know for sure that the boy from Small Wonder didn’t end up changing his name to Billy Corgan on his 18th birthday? Now, some have even gone as far as saying the song “Today” is about the first time he and Vicki (the girl robot) “played doctor”. After further research, it appears that Billy Corgan never did have a role in Small Wonder, but sources say that he did in fact keep a female robot in his closet as a child. Meanwhile, according to Wikipedia, the actor that played the boy in Small Wonder is living under a bridge in California because a stripper left him in financial ruins.

Now, to the current urban legend making the rounds: Tim Tebow is Peter Brady.

Initially, while viewing the evidence, you can see how uncomfortable Peter (Tim?) is taking a snap while under center. Also, examine the unorthodox, left-handed delivery and how he horrifically misses the wide open receiver. Look familiar?

There are some things however, that are working against this myth being true. First, Peter totally nails Marcia square in the nose. Now, Tebow could never be so precise, even on an errand throw. Second, Peter doesn’t appear to be all that mobile, he looks slow and flat-footed in the pocket, compare that to Tim, who is quite active behind the line of scrimmage. Finally, apparently there are some age discrepancies between these two guys. Now I’m not one to make a big issue about age, it’s only a number after all, but is it enough to dispel this myth? I say no, until somebody with some hard evidence debunks this, this remains completely plausible.

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  1. PostApocalypticRecSpecs says:

    Growing up I always thought my friend’s dad was Chuck Norris. His name was Charles and everything. I was so confused : (

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