8 Responses to Visualizing the NFL Season

  1. Thirtyminuteabs says:

    God damn, this is some great stuff, man. It’s amazing to see the difference in miles traveled between West coast teams and the rest. Thanks for doing these.

  2. Sgt. Hammerclaw says:

    I’ve been excited about this one going live for awhile now. This is great, great work.

  3. Erg says:

    These graphs and such are fun and this one’s specially sweet. I like the Toronto and London outliers. If the National Football League is going to continue with these games shouldn’t they change their name to the International Football League? The extra time it will take some of their talent to pronounce a couple of more syllables will be that much less time spent on bloviating.

    • PolkPanther says:

      I think it’s interesting to see that, geographically, Toronto ISN’T an outlier. Heck, it’s further south than Seattle and fits right in with Boston, Buffalo, Green Bay, and Minnesota. Heck, Buffalo and Toronto are closer than Philly and New York.

      • Mr Rodgers Neighborhood says:

        What really just jumps out to me is how much travel the AFC / NFC West coast teams have to deal with, particularly Seattle. When they have the AFC / NFC East as their division alternate, it must be brutal.

        Any chance you could put together a total miles traveled graphic, maybe a stacked bar for each team with each stack element being miles traveled for each team?

      • Erg says:

        Aye, distance wise they fit in with more cities than any team out west. It was the single line from Seattle to Toronto to Miami that made it stand out.

        Thanks again, and I forgot to add a Finest Kind earlier.

      • PolkPanther says:

        MRN, ESPN did an infograph a few weeks back about total travel mileage this year. Raiders, Seahawks, and Chargers were the top, no surprise.


      • Mr Rodgers Neighborhood says:

        Good call. There’s a lot of noise in what they put together, but it’s pretty crazy that the West divisions travel almost 3x as many miles as the North divisions.

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