What Is This?

Simply put, this is a place for three six ten guys who have entirely too much time on our hands to write stuff that we think is funny and/or entertaining.

We’ve put no restrictions on ourselves regarding the content that we come up with. Our plan is to let this thing develop organically. All three six of us have come up with certain things we’d like to write for this site, and eventually some of those things may develop into recurring features.

If you’re looking for the real story behind Heading for the Exits, look no further than our Oral History.

Infrequently Asked Questions

What could have possibly motivated you to do this?  
An abundance of free time, a little motivation and an inexplicable desire to make strangers laugh on the internet.

How long do you actually think you’ll stick with it? 
Hopefully, quite some time. That’s why we went ahead and got ourselves a real domain. We’re in it for the long haul.

How often are you guys going to be posting new stuff?
I think we’re each going to try to write up about 2-3 posts per week. I just did the math, and that means we’re looking at about 6-9 posts per week total. Don’t hold us to that though. Nothing is set in stone. Some days may have multiple new posts for you, others may not have anything new at all.

You ran out of steam and couldn’t think of any more questions to ask yourself just now, didn’t you?
Yeah. Yeah, I did.

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