In Case You Missed It: Your Monday Night Roundup

Miss the action last night? That’s quite alright. As you are probably aware, one of our favorite sites, Deadspin, was down last night, so we took the ball and ran with it. I fired up the coffee pot and woke up early just to compile everything you missed in one convenient post. Let’s get caught up.

Things started things off with The Daily Screencap.

Once you had a chance to get your night started, we took the paddles to Wake Up Deadspin.

We scoured the deepest corners of the internet, and compiled all of the must-see GIFs of the Week.

After combing through piles and piles of reader submissions, we’ve hand-picked the very best entries for this week’s Virgilbag.

This week’s Funbag includes questions from some of HFTE’s biggest fans.

Comments of the Fortnight gave some insight into the nature of HFTE commenting.

An anonymous tip led to this week’s A-Rod Water Bill Update.

Drunken Hookup Failure – When televisions fight back.

This week Sports Radio Interviews grapples with the difficult questions for WWF legend, Hulk Hogan.

This week’s Jamboroo covers driving, snacks and more!

…and of course, we wrapped things up with Deadspin Down All Night. Thank you all once again for your continued support of HFTE.

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3 Responses to In Case You Missed It: Your Monday Night Roundup

  1. AMagicianNamedGod says:

    Serious question, if you see Ley and Consentino floating down an rivulet that used to be a street, as you paddle upstream hunting for fresh meat, do you: A. Club them over the head with your oar and let them sink to the bottom, sacrificing them to the angry Water Gods? B. Lasso them and tow them back to your mom’s basement where you shackle them to the water pipes and make them the official HFTE ghost-writing sweatshop team?

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