Your HFTE Open Thread – November 28, 2012

Welcome to your inaugural Heading for the Exits Open Thread! (Not including the days that Deadspin’s servers crashed and we ran “Deadspin Down All Night to help them out, of course)

Up until now, we didn’t want to step on any toes in the fiercely-competitive open-thread market, so we waited until the “discussion well” ran dry over at MKMUB prior to doing this. Marv Skeevy was the man running the show over at MKMUB, and he deserves a shout-out for all of his efforts over there. We know first hand that blogging isn’t easy, and he did one hell of a job of keeping that place alive far beyond its projected life expectancy. Marv, we salute you.

For the uninitiated, an open thread is a forum for our readers to chat about anything that they feel like discussing throughout the day. We will almost always hand pick some type of a YouTube video or song for your entertainment, and will try to come up with a daily topic for you to get the conversation rolling as well. These topics will almost certainly be very, very dumb. We tweeted a link to this one out, but moving forward, we will not be doing so.

We have previously mentioned that “Heading for the Exits is not a Deadspin Blog.” This still holds true. While most of our readers (Love you guys!!) do come from Deadspin, there is no reason to limit your conversation topics to the activities over there. That said, we don’t really care what you guys talk about, so if something over there is driving you bonkers, feel free to bring it up, especially if it’s in the form of a poorly-constructed, run-on sentence.

Here we go…

Today’s Topic (courtesy of Universal Enveloping Algebra): “What about how cool BH’s Windows Phone is? Look at me, I can send e-mail from my Windows Phone!”

Feel free to tell us how cool your phone is as well.

The floor is yours.

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20 Responses to Your HFTE Open Thread – November 28, 2012

  1. Please, someone punch me in the balls the next time I post a semi-serious, tangentially funny comment (about the only one I do! ZING!) to a Drew post. The moronic replies are too much to take. I don’t like dismissing replies either because I feel it’s important to have their ignorance and stupidity out in plain sight.

  2. Same Sad Echo says:


    Now who wants to talk about the best way to hit a tennis ball with no rotation?

  3. RMJ=H says:

    I should probably just ask him directly, but does MBA do a CrOTY (different than COTY)?

    My list for CrOTY is:

    1. Raysism
    2. Bronzehammer
    3. SaveToFavorites

    • Sneijderman says:

      No ranks here, but I’d definitely include BBAM, SSE and RMJ on any list of regular commenters not previously honored. For the less frequent, DJJJJJJJW has cracked me up a number of times, along with Mantis and REV.

      If I left your name off this list, let’s be honest, it’s because you bullied me in junior high. My crotch area was TWO-TONED like the Lions jerseys, I swear!

      • RMJ=H says:

        It’s kind of you to include me in the list. But that’s likely because I never left and just (stupidly) kept commenting. Longevity doesn’t not equal quality.

        The goal is to pick the best commenter. Those three have been better.

        Ray has been just dynamite all year. He’s the unquestioned #1.

        As Shitehawk noted a while ago, BronzeHammer was on a fucking tear.

        And StF? He seemed to be the only guy who got better post-kinja (and he was pretty freaking good before it too.)

      • Sgt. Hammerclaw says:

        Let’s not forget Gamboa. I know his disappearance after Kinja’s inception has hurt his stock, but up until that point I thought that Raysism and him were pretty much 1 and 1A all year long.

    • BronzeHammer says:


      Just squealed and accidentally kicked the kid into the fireplace over this remark.

  4. Marv Skeevy says:

    Needs more Guy Whos.

  5. BronzeHammer says:

    I was trying to link to three spectacularly awful comments from the Funbag yesterday, but I can’t and I suck and here they are.

    • Sgt. Hammerclaw says:

      Hint: Make your comment as you normally would. Then, use your special “Editor” magic dust to “Edit” the comment, where it will let you embed all you want.

      • BronzeHammer says:

        Ah, fuck it. Click the things without context or don’t click them at all! What do I care?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  6. Mantis Toboggan, M.D. says:

    My phone is awesome. It’s so compact, and has this furry case, very soft to the touch. Feels very comfy on the ear, neck, hand. It’s even got a little tail on the end, you might think that’s weird but it came with it so I don’t know what to tell you pal. The ringtone is adorable, it’s all “meow meow meow,” dang it’s cute. The only bad part is that it came with this box, and sometimes it craps all in there and I have to clean it out. Overall, though, I really love my phone.

  7. BronzeHammer says:

    Fuck you, UEA. It only says that because I haven’t switched over to my new signature yet.

    Sent from The Colossal Pillar of Wasp Eggs

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