Your HFTE Open Thread – November 29, 2012

Hello. This is your open thread.

Today’s YouTube clip is from the hilarious, but short-lived podcast Daves of Thunder with Dave Dameshek and Dave Feeney. The clip below was from a recurring segment known as “Jacuzzi Thoughts.” The gag was that a guy named Jacuzzi Pete, the show’s producer, would get drunk in his jacuzzi at night and email Dave Feeney his deepest darkest thoughts. In truth, Feeney would write all of these ahead of time and read them on the air without telling Pete what they were.

Today’s Topic: Would you rather go with Time Warner Cable or U-Verse for both cable and internet? Please show your work.

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19 Responses to Your HFTE Open Thread – November 29, 2012

    • Sgt. Hammerclaw says:

      Hmm… That is a bit bizarre.

    • BronzeHammer says:

      The guy SHOULD go fuck himself, but just for the “U mad bro?” meme, imo.

      • RMJ=H says:

        Seemed like crushing a walnut with a (bronze?) sledgehammer.

        No response from Tom.

      • BronzeHammer says:


        Thought what you said made sense. I didn’t link it to be like “Hey, what’s FUCKING TOM’S PROBLEM?”, but it is pretty funny and strange.

        If I had to pick one guy to say “fuck you” to, it would be the guy who called me a fag or hater or whatnot, not the guy who complained about a stats table, but this did result in more enjoyment for the audience, so what do I know?

    • Big_Sloppy says:

      Wow, missed that. An interesting exchange. I don’t know if it would fall on PunditTracker or DS for the table format.

  1. Is a third option of moving somewhere else with better cable/internet providers available? Otherwise, I suggest hacking the neighbors WiFi and watch Hulu.

    • Sgt. Hammerclaw says:

      Based on the age of most of my neighbors, I might be the only guy on my block who knows what WiFi is. I’m coming up to the end of my TWC 2-year price lock in a couple of months, and I’ve thought about switching to U-Verse. Unfortunately, everyone I’ve talked to about it has either said it’s the greatest thing ever, or it’s complete shit. There really isn’t a lot of middle ground among the feedback I’ve been given.

      • BronzeHammer says:

        I am pretty staunchly anti-standard-cable. Why would you pay those prices for outdated technology, ugly interface, and, in some cases, a technically inferior product (speed)?

        I have DirecTV (if you’re reading this Echo, I hope your ass didn’t sign up without telling me or we’re gonna have issues) and, unfortunately, am also price-locked into Charter cable internet/phone. It’s better that I don’t think about the cable part of it, because there’s no fucking way I’m getting my money’s worth, but as far as television quality goes, anything else >>> cable.

        Sure, DirecTV goes out a couple times a year, doesn’t have “On Demand” in exactly the same sense as cable, and hell, may even cost more, but that I know all that and not only put up with it, but proselytize in its favor just to avoid cable should tell you something.

    • Same Sad Echo says:

      Ha! You long-memory-having-weirdo. We ended up not switching to Direct TV. We asked them a super difficult question they literally could not answer: “how much will it cost once the promo is up?” They also said we already had an account from the time they tried to install it (when we moved in) but couldn’t get a signal, so we weren’t “new” customers and weren’t eligible for the promo. Also they said they were “proud” of all of their existing customers, which includes you, and that’s just fucking stupid.

      • BronzeHammer says:

        Uh, well, they give me a $10 discount every month, and, in return, they get a free macaroni portrait to hang on the company fridge.

        Stupid? Stupid like a fox, maybe.

  2. cobra says:

    Feeney is one of the showrunners for that abortion of a TV show “Ben & Kate” – forever tarnishing his image in my mind.

    • Sgt. Hammerclaw says:

      I’m not familiar with it. He used to be very self-deprecating with regards to his involvement with “According to Jim” too though, so maybe his best stuff comes when he is turned loose without any filtering or censoring like he was on the podcast.

      • cobra says:

        Once I found out Feeney was involved with According To Jim, I actually watched a few episodes whilst cutting myself with a bevy of household items.

    • Mangini In A Bottle says:

      How the fuck is that show still on? I mistakenly caught 2 minutes of it Tuesday thinking I’d be early for The New Girl (don’t fucking judge me, my girlfriend likes it) and there’s just not a redeemable thing about the whole show. Also, I hate that dude’s teeth.

      • Big_Sloppy says:

        I fucking love New Girl, mostly because I’m in love with Zooey Deschanel. Also, the dude that plays Nick. #BigFan.

  3. BronzeHammer says:

    Wow, so I guess open threads are not good business models, huh?

    I liked that podcast, btw. Member of the Feenster’s Union over here.

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